Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog Post 5 Part 2

Personal Learning Network

Since this was first assigned, I have branched out my personal learning network. Not only have I connected with more peers in the university, but I have also made new connections through blogs. I have found more students and teachers through our blog assignments and have kept up with their blogs if they held my attention. I have also been volunteering and expanding my PLN with the teachers in the school I have been at. Not only am I learning new ways to teach, but I am also learning new things myself to teach. Personal Learning Networks are so important for many reasons. Not only does it give you someone to go to when you have educational questions, but you can also keep up with them to see what is working for their classroom. I hope to keep expanding my PLN through Twitter, Blogger and other social medias.

image of personal learning network

C4K Summaries

Matthew posted a blog with a haiku he made inserted into it. He compared dogs and squirrels and it was very cute. I totally forgot about haikus and I think that this is a good activity for students, especially if they have free reign to do what they want and use their imagination. 


I love this haiku. I think it was a cute idea how you compared squirrels and dogs. Good post :)


Quades blog was about a slide show about how he and a friend hid a high bar in pictures. He used a program called Kizoa and it was a very good slide show. I am excited to start using that program when I start teaching!

Hey Quade!

My name is Hannah and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I really liked the idea of the hidden objects in the pictures! Also, the software you made the video with is awesome! I personally haven't seen a video made with it. I look forward to seeing more of your blog posts! Good job!


Blog Post 14

We were asked this week to read the blog 'Teaching Our Children Can Be a Profession', Joel Klein introduced some very interesting facts about our school systems. 

Problem: Many teachers have been hired simply because they have a college degree.
Solution: Recruit teachers who graduated in the top third of their class

I completely agree with this. Not only do some people take advantage of their degree and float through school, but some people didn't even go to school for education. I agree that college professors doesn't necessarily have to take educational based classes, but K-12 in my opinion should. I don't feel as if a science major should be able to walk into a high school classroom without taking educational psychology, or other classes that teach you how to teach. With college graduates that graduate in the top third of their class, it makes the possibility of the students to succeed. 

Problem: Teachers who have had more experience than new teachers will always be chosen first, simply because of seniority.
Solution: To make teaching a profession by treating all teachers as equals, and allowing teachers to earn their levels of achievement.

I fully agree that this is a problem. Not only is it not fair, but just because a teacher has experience doesn't mean that they don't have something to bring to the table. I do think that all teachers should be created as equal. I do not know how most people decide to hire between two candidates, but I think they should maybe present a lesson plan to figure out which would be the better fit. 

Problem: Teaching has not been treated or respected as if it is a profession, even by educators themselves.
Solution: Teachers will have a self established board to "police the profession" by making standards and "providing mechanisms to remove incompetent teachers". 

This is a huge problem. I hear so many people tell me that I am not going to make money or my profession won't be good enough. The teachers that tell me that, should automatically be removed from their position at the school. There are so many newer teachers begging for that position that would be glad to take it. Having a "police" would be an awesome idea. 

This blog has put many things in perspective for me and really made me think about my career. I am so excited to go into this field and love my job. 

image of teacher with her classroom

Project 16: Teaching and Technology: Philosophy

When I began this class, I always thought I would take the traditional approach of teaching. I didn't see any of the benefits of teaching with technology. After learning and being able to use technology in my volunteering with elementary schools, I will use it. Not only does technology keep the children engaged and more entertained, but it also contains more information that you can only teach with the internet. For instance, blogging helps your writing skills and also connects you with individuals all over the world. With smaller kids, they can do interactive multimedia on the SmartBoard and utilize their motor skills.
One thing that I will keep the traditional approach on is text books. A lot of teachers have started putting kids text books on their iPads. I think highlighting information helps the kids retain knowledge. Although you can do this on an iPad, I have personally found it an easier way to retain knowledge by reading a book.
two asians on iPad

Sunday, April 19, 2015


My comment:

Hi Joe!

My name is Hannah Tolbert and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I do not live in Alberta, but it did make me more interested in my local politics. Good post!

Hannah Tolbert


Joe’s blog post was about Alberta politics. I personally do not know much about politics, much less somewhere that I have no idea where it is located. I learned that the taxes there cut the children’s education funds. 

Image of politics text

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blog Post 13

What did I leave out?

Traditional teaching vs Technology

I feel as if there will forever be a debate between teachers with the older way of teaching vs the newer way of teaching. Some people say technology isn't a good teaching tool, and some people absolutely love it. Some of the benefits of technology is that you can have the best of both worlds. You can download textbooks on your iPad, Kindle, laptop or most other electronics. Not only does it engage the kids and hold their interest more, but the children can take virtual field trips. They can experience other cultures, other ways of learning from other children, and they can expand their personal learning network.

I think this project/blog post would have been perfect for this class, because it would influence some of the students that are on the edge about it. We could have made a customized pro/con chart.

Image of traditional teaching vs technology